Unicorn Power

The interesting thing about Manila, or the Philippines for that matter, is that there is never a dearth of people coming up with new ides.  Unfortunately, a lot of these ideas never come into fruition for one reason or another.  Trust me, as someone trying my darndest to get a T-shirt company off the ground, I have a constant stream of people pitching ideas into my ear.  A lot of it is well meaning, I understand that a lot of people are excited about what we have started here at Liberty Street, and I appreciate and love all the people willing to interact and give their input.  However, there are those times when I sense that the idea being pitched to me is one that the person really wants to do for themselves and just does not have the courage to test the stormy seas of the free market, too frightened to fail or succeed.

Which leads me to tell you all about my friend Anja.  In the two to three years I’ve known her she has always been one of those entrepreneurial pirates taking risks on ideas and going out and taking steps to make them a reality.  Over lunch today, Anja gave me the rundown on her new venture, Unicorn Power!  It is a piece of hardened resin in the shape of a unicorn horn meant as a self-defense tool one would use to strengthen their fists against would be attackers.  It’s a fun thought to think that there would be people out there with unicorn horns on their person at all times and I love the fact that Anja is just going for it.

Liberty Street was started in the same spirit.  We saw a need and felt this sense of urgency that the need had to be met immediately so we decided to take the steps to make our idea a reality.  And because of the support we receive from you the customers our vision, though still in it’s incipient stages, is able to take root and is flourishing.  So this post is really for the Anjas of the world that refuse to be what Theodore Roosevelt called “those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”.  Keep it up guys!  You are an inspiration to all of us.

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