Liberty Street Tip #3 Take the Footbridge

In Manila, everyone plays the Froger style game of death known as crossing the street.  But every so often the good folks over at the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority gives us a reprieve from this IBS inducing game by building footbridges.  These footbridges saves pedestrians the trouble of risking their lives in the form of a flight of stairs and a bridge that spans the length of the highway/road for people to traverse safely.  Shockingly, there are still people that choose not to use these bridges and I am utterly confused as to why.  For the folks out there reading this blog that do not understand Tagalog, that sign in the picture below reads “It is forbidden to cross someone has already died here”.  No joke.  This means that there are people out there that look at a flight of stairs and look at the possibility of death by a thousand pounds of steel and choose death!  In essence, climbing a flight of stairs is a fate worse than dying to some folks.  Are you really that lazy?  Please, do your health some good in more ways than one and take the footbridge.




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