Escolta Saturday Market December 2013

We will be at the Escolta Saturday market this Saturday December 14, 2013 from 9am to 6pm at the First United Building Escolta Street Binondo Manila.  See you guys there!



‘Fractured’ Shirts for Men and Women

Our “Fractured” shirts are inspired by the idea of righting wrongs.  Our hope is for people to be empowered to right the things that are wrong in this world.  The graphic is designed so that, whether consciously or not, the viewer automatically corrects the image in their mind and correctly reads the word “liberty”.  And thus the viewers themselves are already active participants in righting wrongs!



‘Timid’ Shirt for Men and Women

Inspired by an excerpt from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt known as “The Man in the Arena”.  Through our “Timid” shirt we want to encourage people to live life courageously.  By living courageously, people can take an active part in affecting the world for the better and in effect possibly make history!