I love getting emails from people showing off how much they apperciate our shirts. It is really thanks to you guys, our supporters, that we can even dream of doing what we are doing. THANK YOU. This picture just came with the simple message “My sister’s boyfriend loves his shirt”.  I’m just glad you guys love our shirts just as much as we love them.




It is a new year and what better way can we kick off the new year than by letting you all in on some secrets about our gear.  The design that perplexes most people is our new Accent T-shirt.  The most minimalist of our new designs is a way for us to declare our aspirations for the brand as well as give a shout out to the community in which we are a part of.  The design itself is a reference to high fashion and street wear (if you know you know) and our goal of producing only the best products, which along with helping people is our main goal.  Now available on our online store.

Liberty Street-03270 Liberty Street-03277

Liberty Street-03187 Liberty Street-03192