Year in Pictures 2013

2013 has been an interesting year for Liberty Street.  A lot of ups and downs, but with the release of the new collection last month, I’m glad to say that this year is ending on a good note for us.  We hope you all enjoy this look back at 2013, but most of all we are excited about all the possibilities and opportunities 2014 will bring!

Liberty Street-02899 Liberty Street-02686 Liberty Street-02634 Liberty Street-02803 Liberty Street-03178 Liberty Street-03225 1477539_697276270282952_55079258_n Liberty Street-03296 DSC02171 DSC02493 copy 20131117_153826 20131112_195353~2 findingmyvoice 2013-08-21 22.53.30 2013-07-30 23.01.50 2013-06-27 20.43.06 2013-06-27 20.15.40 2013-06-12 10.14.39 2013-05-19 18.12.14 2013-05-19 16.33.19 2013-05-17 17.47.50 2013-04-14 12.22.07 2013-05-02 11.33.14 LATBtimessquare2 LATBtimessquare1 2013-04-20 17.13.58 Picture 6 2013-02-22 20.05.14 2013-02-19 20.41.45 2013-02-19 20.44.16 2013-02-16 23.27.24 _MG_0589 2013-02-10 15.11.31 2013-02-01 01.15.34 2013-01-19 15.06.54


Liberty Street Tip #5: Take a Break

So if you have been reading our blog over the holiday season you would have noticed that I in fact take my own advice since I took a hiatus from blogging and spent sometime exploring this beautiful island country of mine.  But more importantly I believe that taking breaks allows people to stop and reflect on what has transpired in their lives as well as dwell on goals and desires for the future.  With that being said it always amazes me when I think about how Lawrence and I started out hauling shirts from Divisoria on the PNR (Philippine National Railroad) just to get our first wave of shirts started.  And it also really excites me to think about what we have planned for you all for 2013!  So I hope you all can sit back and enjoy watching what we are doing as we affect people’s lives together as a community!  2013 bring it on!

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