Orange Skies

It is interesting how orange the sky in Manila gets during sunset sometimes.  I personally can not get enough of it.  It is especially beautiful when you watch the sun set over Manila Bay.  However, I took this with my phone last Friday while I was on Kalayaan Street on my way to Makati.

2012-12-14 17.32.33


Weekend Tunes

In my opinion Kevin Devine’s “Me and My Friends” is an interesting commentary on being trapped in a loop of isolation while surrounded by a group of people.  We want to get out of the cycle but as the singer aptly puts it “it’s the only way I know how to live” so we continue on doing the same things while not getting anywhere.  However, since it is the holiday season I would like to encourage you all to love on and hug on your loved ones.  We are all about family and community here at Liberty Street and we just want you all to cherish every moment you have with those you love.  Who knows, they may be the ones feeling isolated in a crowd at the moment, and this could be your little window to show them how much you really care.  Have a good weekend guys!


Everyone was going crazy over December 12, 2012 yesterday.  And rightfully so I think.  But more than just being a cool date, it was also international anti-trafficking day yesterday.  Unfortunately, I missed out on chipping in and I’m posting this a day late.  But in celebration of international trafficking day I’ll be linking to some websites of some anti-trafficking organizations that I believe you all should check out.  We fully support the efforts of these organizations and please check out their sites to see if there is any way you can help in your own way.

International Justice Mission

My Refuge House

Not For Sale


**On another note:

As of today there are 902 reported deaths and 934 people reported missing due to hurricane “Pablo” that hit southern Philippines last week.  Over 14,000 hectares of banana plantations have also been destroyed due to the storm.  Our thoughts continue to go out to all those affected by the storm.