Meet Dave Liberty

So I was on the Google last week seeing what would come up if I typed in “Liberty Street Clothing” and found this little gem online.  This is a video Dave’s sister made for one of her class projects and she has succeeded in capturing perhaps one of the more awkward minute and thirty seconds you will probably witness today.  So what does Dave do for Liberty Street you ask?  Hear it from the man himself.

So apparently he helps coordinate with our suppliers!  Haha!  But with all joking and awkward videos aside Dave is really an invaluable member of our team.  Not only is he a board member but he has a hand in a lot of the day to day activities in our company.  Need a site for a launch party?  Call Dave.  Need a guy to represent us at an Anti-Trafficking benefit concert?  Call Dave.  Need a little help with the accounting?  Call Dave.

Just like every member of our team he wears many hats in the company.  The video does not do justice to his actual role in Liberty Street Clothing Company.  And if he had a chance for a redo I am sure he would nail the interview.  So if you see Dave around Manila make sure you give him a high five and chat him up about boxing and the stock market (both of which as far as I know are his two favorite subjects).

Update (12/18/2012): Due to the overwhelming response to this post Dave forced his sister to take the video off the interwebs and thus depriving us all of cinematic joy.