Holiday Tunes

Since It is the end of the year this will probably be the last post on our site for 2012.  But we would like to leave you all with some songs that we hope will make this holiday season better.  2012 has been a year that has seen our little company grow because of the incredible people that support us and champion our vision and we are excited about the direction we going towards for 2013.  So we hope that you continue to join us as we strive to affect people’s lives for the better as a community, because without you all we simply would not exist.  Thank you!

Weekend Tunes: If it were all to end edition

For this edition of Weekend Tunes I tried to find one song I would want to post on our site if everything was indeed coming to an end today.  I tried and I failed to come up with just one, so instead I have four songs to share with you all.  Happy last minute shopping everyone!