Weekend Tunes: Filipino Bands Edition

I haven’t really posted much on local Filipino bands on our weekend tunes section because I don’t really know if there has been much of note music wise that has been produced in our country recently.  Please prove me wrong and send Filipino music suggestions to contact@libertystreetclothing.com.

I want our music scene to thrive, and unfortunately I do not see Filipinos going crazy over bands like they did with Earaserhads and Rivermaya (with Bamboo) back in the early 90’s.  The observation is not meant to discourage anyone but meant to encourage our young artists to come with their game correct.  With technology the way it is today it is simply not good enough to just be the best in the Philippines anymore but we (this includes me and the rest of us at Liberty Street) need to make sure that the things we produce will hold up and be competitive in the global market.  Even though we are underdogs in this global competition, I truly believe we can take it on.  So lets put out into the world those things that require the best of our efforts and watch the world change because of us.

Luckily I do know there are local bands and musicians out there doing their thing and doing it well.  Perhaps I have just yet to stumble upon most of them.  But here is a little smattering of local bands I have come to enjoy both from yesteryear and more recent times.