More Flicks from Thailand

As I said in my last post about Thailand, I went from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. I actually didn’t do any research before going on my trip and just went out there like I go to movies, no previews. I wouldn’t recommend this way of traveling but for this trip it worked out. It was quite interesting to see how much pride the people of Chiang Mai had in their city. It was also interesting to see Thailand from a somewhat rural point of view (at least compared to Bangkok). As I said before I think that traveling and gathering different life experiences is such a great way to boost creativity because I broadens your horizons and takes you away from the monotony of a stale routine. If you’re ever in Thailand and not really up for going to a beach, make sure you check out Chiang Mai.

Spent 18 hours traveling on ThaiRail from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, even though it was a good experience (especially since it was my first long train trip) I would take the plane next time.

Stayed at Mountain View Guest House.

Fried noodles with chicken.

Trying to act tough roaming the streets of Chiang Mai on a little scooter.  And as always, representing Liberty Street!

This was only one of the ten levels of the Mae Sa Waterfall.

Stumbled across this little guy.

Wawee Coffee is everywhere in Chiang Mai, giving Starbucks a run for their money.

Rode, fed, and bathed some elephants.

Creepiest doll ever at the Chiang Mai Sunday night market.

Interesting fact about Mcdonald’s in Thailand, they do not serve apple pies!  What they have instead are pineapple pies and corn pies.  I wasn’t adventurous enough to brave the corn pie, but the pineapple pies were like candy.