Goings on and Happenings

To say that a lot has been happening for us here at Liberty Street Clothing Company over the past few weeks is an understatement.  We have added a new member to our staff, raised more than half of our goal of 11,000 Php for our scholarship fund through our Liberty Street X Buhay Makulay: Love Thy Neighbor scholarship shirts, and I (Joe) was actually out of the Philippines last week!

One of the many great things about living in the Philippines is how central it is in southeast Asia.  You don’t have to travel far to go to Bali, or Singapore, or even Korea.  This past week though I spent several days in Thailand, first in Bangkok then to Chiang Mai.  It was pretty incredible to see how eerily similar yet very different our neighbors to the west are.  Needless to say I loved being immersed in Thai culture, even if it was for just a little while.  The weather was great, the people were uber hospitable, and the food was incredible!

I have to say that traveling is certainly one of the best things a person could do to stay fresh and creative.  Simply being able to see things through a different culture or even just getting away from one’s surrounding does wonders when you are trying to recharge your batteries.  I’d love to encourage everyone to travel, and if you are in the area why not dip through Thailand?  You wont regret it.

Went and saw one of the floating markets just outside of Bangkok.

Ate about five of these (mango and sticky rice) over the course of my trip.

Pad Thai!

The Pad Thai you see above was cooked on a boat by the woman in the picture below.

Fish curry with noodles and a chicken foot.

Aaaaaand there is the chicken foot.

Stay tuned for more picture in a later post.