Spent this past weekend in Cebu with Ben Liberty and his lady love.  It was great getting to hang out and catch up even for just a little bit.  But before I left we went to this little floating restaurant in Cordoba called Lantaw.  The view of Cebu was great, the service was so so, and the food was fantastic.

P$, Kathy, Ben, and I literally waited almost an hour for the food to come.

But when the food did arrive it was good.  Worth the wait?  Maybe if it came 15 minutes sooner.

This “cooler” = Liquid sugar A.K.A. Diabetes in a glass

Spicy Scallops.


I forgot what this grilled fish was called but it was mega tasty.

Pancit canton.

Overall the food was very good, but not amazing (I think my judgement is tainted by the long wait).  But as far as novelty goes, a floating restaurant with a view of Cebu city that has a jeep bar in it is pretty cool.