All the World’s a Stage

Last Friday we had the opportunity to be the sponsors for the wonderful Committee Geekfight for a second time.  The night’s theme was “All the World’s a Stage” and people were encouraged to come in their best costumes.  The team called “7 Nation Army” came as The Sims characters.  But the title of best team costume went to team “Wado” that came as the characters from A Song of Fire and Ice.  Their team members came dressed as Robert Baratheon, his best friend Boromir, Catelyn Stark (sans head), Ygritte, Renly Baratheon, and the crowned Viserys Targaryen.  They even came with their very own iron throne!

The event was also a great opportunity for us to get to meet some incredible people that came to our little booth and asked about our nascent company.  Thanks to everyone that came and talked and an even bigger thank you to the people that bought shirts!  I would also just like to say thank you to everyone that runs Committee Geekfight for being so welcoming and cool.  We hope to see you all at another Geekfight soon!