Lonely Are The Brave

This shirt was actually inspired by one of Liberty Street’s biggest supporters.  You know who you are, no need to name names.  The shirt also features our mascot Brick the sheep smack dab in the middle of the design.  Brick is actually inspired by an actual sheep that lived in New Zealand in the past decade that was able to dodge getting sheered for years by hiding out in a cave when sheering time came around every year.  The main idea I am trying to communicate through this design is that a lot of times when you fight for things you believe to be right or go against the grain the act takes a tremendous amount of courage but you also find yourself fighting those battles alone.  I just want to encourage people to continue in the path of bravery and fight the good fights.

The shirts come in two colorways in both men and women’s sizes and are 600 PhpPlease send us an email at contact@libertystreetclothing.com if you would like to purchase any of our shirts.

Photographs by Mezarc Bulson.  Make-up by Tippy.

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