Love Thy Neighbor

With the launch of the Liberty Street X Buhay Makulay scholarship shirt coming up this weekend, it just seems appropriate to tell you all a little bit more about the project.  The collaboration actually started about three months ago when we were trying to decide what the theme of the scholarship shirt should be.  At which point the phrase “Love Thy Neighbor” was put up for consideration.  The entire idea behind the scholarship shirts was for us to be able to help the people around us that needed help and “Love Thy Neighbor” just seemed to capture everything we are trying to achieve.

The launch is also an opportunity for us to say thank you to the early adopters of Liberty Street Clothing Company.  I am very much looking forward to the launch because it will be a chance for me to see some old friends and make some new friends, all of whom have decided to join us in our quest to make people’s lives better.  There is nothing like an entire community coming together and striving toward the same goal.  I am continually amazed at how willing people are to help out.  Thanks guys!  You all are a huge source of encouragement!



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