Liberty Street X Buhay Makulay

We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with a great organization called Buhay Makulay for a batch of scholarship T-shirts that we will be launching in a couple of weeks!  For those of you that don’t know about Buhay Makulay, here is a little information about the organization:

The Buhay Makulay Children’s Project Inc. is a non-profit organization for children and youth at risk, based in Manila, Philippines. Through the activities of Buhay Makulay, Filipino youth and children at risk will one day be children of hope. We provide authentic outreach that provides spiritual resources and builds life skills.

The way the scholarship T-shirt will work is that we will be selling them for 1,000 Php, of which 500 Php will go directly to a scholarship fund at Buhay Makulay that will benefit our beneficiaries.  The picture below is a little sneak peak of the scholarship shirt we have collaborated on.

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