Weekend Tunes

Way back when Jimmy Fallon was only starting out on SNL and thus did not need a full-time band for his late night show I was obsessed with this song, OBSESSED.  I loved how Erykah Badu sang the hook, how Eve rapped the female character’s response verse, but most of all I loved ?uestlove’s ubiquitous afro pick in his hair.  I’m pretty sure I think I even tried to think of a way to walk around with a comb in my hair for a while.  I also think that Black Thought is one of the most underrated MCs out there and his full rhyming ability is certainly out on display in this updated version of “You Got Me” featuring John Legend and Estelle performed over ten years after the song’s original release.


We take a lot of pictures for Liberty Street and most of them actually end up never being used for one reason or another.  Sometimes we do not use a picture because there is a better one we would rather use but most of that time it is because we (really I) figured that no one would really want to see them anyway.  But for those of you that love the “deleted scenes” section on DVDs or are just plain nosy, here are some of the pictures that ended up on the cutting room floor over the past couple of months.


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