Black is the new black

I get asked a lot about the Liberty Street logo.  I guess a lot of people want to know why we chose the symbols we have to represent the company.  So for those of you that want to be in the know here is the story behind the logo.

First of all, the most apparent thing on our logo is the street lamp.  It is a representation of the metaphoric street (Liberty) that we have created with the brand.  And like the common street lamp our vision for our brand is to be a source of light in a world filled with so much darkness.  The street lamp is an object you can run to for safety, an object you can use to guide your way, and an object you can look to and know that things will be brighter when you get there.  We hope that these sentiments are what people think of when they see our street lamp.

The lanterns on each side of the lamp represent the mobility of light.  We as a brand do not ever want to be content simply doing the minimum amount required when it comes to helping people.  We want to go out and shine a light on all the darkness hidden in the nooks and crannies of this world.  It is a symbol of our desire to make an effort and seek out those things that need to be redeemed.  The lantern is also a symbol used by anti-human trafficking advocates as a symbol of hope and rescue.

With all that said, I think now is a good time to share with you all our new Black Outline Logo tee.  The shirts are 400 Php each, please send us an email at if you are interested in buying this or any of our other T-shirts.

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