Geeks Fight!

I never thought  the day would come when I would feel bad for not knowing enough random trivia about the minutiae of life.  But that day came and went when the Liberty Street team was present at Committee Geekfight held at Quantum Cafe in Makati last Friday.  It was incredible to see how many people braved the heavy heavy rains to come to the event and wax philosophic about H.P. Lovecraft (yeah, I don’t know who he/she is either).  Fun was had, prizes were won, I was left with the desire to learn really obscure facts, and here is the photographic evidence.

Old school treats were given out and consumed.  I pounced on the green off-brand Jelly-Ace given to our table.  But none of you want to see that so here is a picture of me holding up a bag of chocolates, except the chocolates are actually little sugar cookies and I’m not the one holding up the bag so yeah, none of that was true.

Metro Manila’s newest rapcore trio: Steph 1, Vinny Cent, and Lawrence Liberty.  Don’t ask about that black boxing club shirt.

That is all for now, but best believe we will be coming back to Committee Geekfight bigger and badder than ever.

P.S. As you might have noticed we now have a Black Outline Logo Tee available for 400 Php.  Reach us at to make an order.

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