The Goods

Yes, I know, I am a day late in putting this up.  I sincerely apologize to all of you that have put up with the little teasers on the header only to look at the website come July 23 with no new shirts!  I am sorry, can we talk this over some ice cream and be friends again?

As an added bonus I want to give you guys the story behind the shirts we are offering you all and talk you through the thought process behind the new shirts.

First up to bat is the highly anticipated Boxing Club shirt.  The design is inspired by old time boxing training kits.  And what I wanted to achieve was a shirt that would look like it belongs on the backs of a young Cassius Clay or Sugar Ray Robinson.  “Fight the fights that matter” is an old boxing proverb used to motivate the Rocky Balboa’s of the world to stop setting up fights with cream puff “bums” and start fighting the Clubber Lang’s of the world.  In other words, champions should fight the best there is to offer and not fighters of lesser skill simply because they have a marketable name or because they are a guaranteed tick on the win column.  We took the proverb and made it our own, adding meaning to the phrase by making people think about the battles they choose to get involved in.  In a world where so many quarrels are fueled by pride, selfishness, and hubris let us stop constantly obsessing about ourselves and start caring for other people for a change.  Let us fight poverty, injustice, and the other evils of this world together.  Fight the fights that matter.

All Liberty Street Boxing Club T-Shirts are 400 Php.  Please contact us at if you want to place an order.

Next up is the shirt we have dubbed “Simplicity”.  This one is for the folks out there that voiced their concern about how our classic logo tee makes their torsos perspire profusely in Manila’s tropical heat.  Your cries have been heard.  Now we offer a shirt that allows the cool breeze of the rainy season to ventilate your chest without any obstructions.  This one is also for those of you that are extra classy and shy away from the gaudy graphics we have to offer and prefer a subtler simpler T-shirt.  I am obviously in need of a lot of refinement and am thus gratified to say that Lawrence designed this particular tee.

Liberty Street Simplicity T-shirts are 250 Php.  Please contact us at if you want to place an order.

There you have it.  These tees have received a lot of interest and are going quick so I apologize if you come to us and we are already out of stock of your size.  But rest assured we will be restocking soon so you wont have to wait long before you can don your preferred Liberty Street shirt to impress that special someone you’ve been lurking for months.


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